Find Your Breakthrough


On an hour-long video call to Find Your Breakthrough, you talk to me about your problem, your circumstance, your situation, your opportunity. Together, we explore the full scope of what you share in order to find your solution, your insight, or your next step.

What happens on a call?

We say hello and check in on how we're doing.

I go over the format of the call, you tell me your goal for the call.

And we start! You mostly talk, I mostly listen, reflect on what you share, and ask questions.

I do not tell you what to do. Guided by your goal and my curiosity, we explore together in search of what you want.

Why are you offering this?

The two most common reflections I receive are that I have a calm energy and that I ask good questions. Serving others is important to me because I value the energetic flow of giving and receiving, and I enjoy participating in that flow in order to make the best use of my natural gifts. Find Your Breakthrough has been an effortless way for me to serve others.

Is Find Your Breakthrough fully confidential?

Yes! I will never share the details of what we talk about with any person, group, platform, or other entity. As a pseudonymous person of the internet, I have a lot of appreciation for the privacy afforded by many online spaces. Find Your Breakthrough is one such space for you to speak freely. I believe it is my ethical responsibility to hold this space with full confidentiality, and I am glad to do so.

How do I prepare?

Knowing what you want from our call with benefit our conversation. People who bring one or two specific topics to the conversation tend to benefit the most, but it's not required. I will direct my curiosity toward you if you don't have a topic or goal in mind and want to have a call.


I also offer business consulting, where we'll collaborate to find a way forward on a business problem.