Keep Taking Shots

Because you want to.

Because you have to.

Because whenever you talk about it, your eyes light up and your body floods with delight and you speak with a fire that could burn for centuries.

Because if you don't make it happen, who will?

Because no one cares about your misses, they're busy with their own stuff.

Because taking shots is fun.

Because each shot makes the next shot a little easier.

Because you see something that others don't, something that's worth pursuing, shot after shot after shot.

Because it feels good to get better, to learn and grow and improve and expand and push the edges of what is personally possible.

Because with every shot, you tap into the energetic reservoir of everyone you look up to who took their shots, and you honor their tenacity with your own.

Because so many things lined up just so in order to give you, you in particular, the opportunity to convert your thoughts, your ideas, your vision into reality, and you alone contain the alchemy to make it happen.

So keep taking shots. Make it happen.