Get Your Gadget


I make web apps and browser extensions that are useful, interesting, and entertaining. I can make one for you! On a 30 minute intro call, you'll tell me about your gadget idea. If the gadget as outlined by you, or a version of the gadget is feasible for me to make, we'll work together to agree on pricing and a timeline for me to provide you with regular progress updates. The intro call is paid so that you will take your idea and our collaboration seriously.

Ideal Gadget Criteria:

Ideal gadgets will have a single purpose. Think "instant voice recording", not "instant voice recording social network." Ideal gadgets will be able to exist as a web app with a dedicated URL or as a browser extension that can be used on desktop on Chrome and Firefox.

Example Abbreviated Conversations:

You: I want a meditation web app that I can use to quickly begin to meditate for however long I'd like.

Me: Great! This web app could also show you the history of your meditations, and it could have different options for visuals shown on the page during a meditation.

You: Oooh 🤩

You: I want a browser extension to show me global traffic data for whatever website I'm on: how many people have visited in the last 24 hours and average visit duration.

Me: That data is out of scope for what I can offer. However, I could show you that information for your own browsing activity, and you see your own website visit data organized by day, week, month, and year.

You: Hmmm 🤔

Sample Gadgets:

GIF Maker

Intentional Twitter

Emoji Wallpaper Maker