The Platinum Rule

Keep Taking Shots

The Seer

Live a Great Story

Do Something Different

Embrace This Moment

Good Artists Make Good Art

Winning Moves

Throughout Our Little Town

The Courageous Animal

Clarity on Helping People

Man Manifest

Harm and Possibility

Admirable Attributes

Little Loathings

The Flinching Game

The Good in the Suck

Locked Up

Quirked Up

Infinity and Oblivion

How to Be Optimistic

Break, Fail, Think

You Need to Be Agencymaxxing

Introspection, Post-Introspect

In Praise of Talking Less

Blackpill, Whitepill

Introspection, Pre-Introspect

Too Much and Not Enough

Getting Loose

Resolution on Dating While Anxious

Violating Self-Narratives

Follow Along

You Don't Need to Read This Essay

Deep in the Shallows

Perspectives on Peace Pilgrim

Things That Aren't Doing the Thing

The Best Game Ever Made Deserves This Crumb of Your Attention


First, Accept

The Saunternet

The Essays I Didn't Write

Response to Word Vomit 0076

The Best Thing About Twitter

On Forgiveness

Sacred Spaces

Person-Mission Fit

Under (the) Pressure

Good Feeling Procrastination

Long Looks, Stolen Glances

The Curse of Unique Media

Notes on Roderick on Baudrillard

Exploring Excitement

Minimum Viable Health

Puzzles and Aha! Moments

How The Light Gets In

Surveying Sasha's Suggestion

Twitter Wish List

Turn Outward

The Gift of Niche Media

Going Hollow

Against Decision Making

In Praise of Winterbells

Therapeutic Memes

Objectively Lacking

Harmful Environments

Supa Hot Fire: Tragic Hero

The Sprinternet

Choose to Challenge

Effortless Creativity

The Critic and the Child

Waiting To Audition

Default Positive

The Strangest Loop